Friday, May 16, 2014

How to remove SkypEmoticons malware - Part 2

"Your skype does not support extended icons. Please download the extension here:"

One of my friends in Canada got same issue but following Part 1 he was unable to solve the issue then he pinged me to resolve it at any cost. We did not want to reinstall OS. So here are the following steps to remove it because in this case, it has changed some of its settings and places. As SkypEmoticon is a malware so do not install any kind of new extensions for viewing skype animated icons. Please install the animated icons from well reputed companies do not install them on your friend's request. 
Anyways I installed it and it started disturbing my chat as well. It automatically added new line after every sentence and start sending the above blue sentence as well almost with every sentence of emoticon. Surprisingly, no antivirus recognizes it. :(
It may vary from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Current screens shots are taken from Windows 7. 
But I hope even then it will help u.

So here are the following steps to remove it:
1- Uninstall SkypEmoticons from Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs
but it is still there

2 - So go to your Task Manager


3 - Right click and Open file location like that

4 - As the folder opens, click End task the SkypEmoticons that is SE.exe * 32 process from task manager and then delete the folder named SkypEmoticons from Roaming folder as in the image. Usually the path is "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\SkypEmoticons"

5 - Now go to Run and write Regedit, it will open the Registry Editor
6 - Press CTRL + F and type SkypEmi, it will show you the following item keep on Pressing F3 to find more registry items like that and delete them. You can see in the following images.
7 - After getting this message that Finished searching through the registry. You can see the last image. Press CTRL + F and type SE.exe, it will show you the same screen with SE.exe at some path so delete them also and keep on Pressing F3 to find more registry items like that and delete them. You can see in the following images.

5 - 

8 - Now you are free from this malware. :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Subreport is not showing data

Sometimes sub-report does not show its data. Although user is providing data accurately. There are two solutions for doing this:

1 - Redesign subreport, it will fix your issue definitely

2 - Make Formula fields and call the values in these formula fields and then use these formula fields.